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The Monticello Police Department has an elected chief, Fred Mosley. The citizens of Monticello elect their chief every four years. Fred Mosley was elected Police Chief in November 2007.



The Monticello Police Department was created with the founding of the City of Monticello in 1827. The Police Department Building is located in the center of Monticello, in the center of Jefferson County, at 195 Mulberry Street, one block from the intersection of US Highway 90 and US Highway 19.

The Monticello Police Department has a staff of eleven officers and four civilian support personnel. It has a reserve staff of 5 part-time sworn officers and a Police-Chaplain, all who serve without pay. Additionally, the Monticello Police Department uses paid, part-time dispatchers.

Two of the Monticello Police Officers serve as school security officers for the county schools On-Track Program. The Monticello Police Department has a victim call back program and a ten member explorer post.

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The address for the Monticello Police Department is:

195 South Mulberry Street
Monticello, FL 32344
Phone: (850) 342-0150    FAX: (850) 342-0299


Monticello Police Mission 1996

The mission of the Monticello Police Department is to secure domestic peace and public safety for our existing and future generations.

To further our mission we will enlist, assist and cooperate with all those organizations and people who support our Mission.

To pursue our mission effectively, we will maintain our practice of fairness and openness with all our citizens. We will honor, revere and protect the Constitution and the rights it guarantees. We will steadfastly enforce those Federal, State, and local laws that are our tools and our charge.

To safeguard our credibility, we will set an example for others in our personal and professional conduct. We will execute our government office with integrity and forthrightness.

As we seek to carry out our Mission, we will remain open to new ideas and methods while we recognize and cherish our heritage and traditions. We will always remember that, as an agency, we exist for our citizens and not for ourselves.

The men and women of the Monticello Police department wrote this Mission Statement in 1996. We review it yearly. We live by it daily.


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245 South Mulberry Street
Monticello, FL  32344
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