The Local Planning Agency of the City of Monticello, Florida, met on April 8, 2008 at 7:00 P.M., at City Hall.  The following members were present:


            Steve Rissman, Chairman

            Mike Bonfanti

            Nancy Wideman        

            Rick Anderson

            Tom Dunn

            John Jones, Ex-Officio Council Member       


Others present were:

            Emily Anderson, City Clerk/Treasurer

            Darrin Taylor, Planning Consultant

            Bruce Leinback, City Attorney


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Steve Rissman.   On motion of Nancy Wideman, seconded by Mike Bonfanti, minutes of the February 12, 2008 meeting were approved.


REPORT ON CONSTRUCTION PLAN APPROVAL FOR CROOKED CREEK PHASE II/UPDATE ON PECAN HILLS PHASE II APPLICATION  Clerk Anderson reported that the Crooked Creek Phase II construction plans are being reviewed and are close to approval.  The application for preliminary plat for Pecan Hills Phase II is pending, but there are issues which have not been resolved, including the widening of S. Waukeenah Street and improvements to the existing lift station on S. Waukeenah Street.



Consultant Darrin Taylor reviewed the following elements with the Planning Agency Members.  The following comments to elements were presented: 


INTERGOVERNMENTAL COORDINATION ELEMENT  Mr. Taylor noted that the city and county are currently exempt from school coordination.  There are several policies concerning city coordination with the Department of Transportation which are not accurate. 


CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS ELEMENT  The city must update its capital improvements element.  The adopted criteria for rating capital improvement projects is

undefined, and clarification will be needed.  Although the policies are in place, a concurrency management system will need to be implemented.


CONSERVATION ELEMENT   Mr. Taylor suggested the deletion of the policy which mandates the types of home water fixtures.  There are also modifications which need to be made regarding building in wetlands. 


TRAFFIC ELEMENT   The city has not collected traffic count data on local roads, so it is difficult to assign a level of service.  There are no requirements for specific assignments of level of service; rather, all local roads can be classified as the same.

Mr. Taylor also noted there are several requirements for bicycle facilities and access  which are difficult to implement.  Also, some of the policies regarding rights-of-way acquisition are also problematic in that these policies can be subject to legal challenges.  Several of the policies are also not codified. 


FUTURE LAND USE ELEMENT   Mr. Taylor discussed the density standards in the comprehensive plan, and he suggested clarifying these standards. 


Mr. Taylor also noted that a policy relating to reservation of sewer or water capacity should be developed.  The same types of policies can also be developed for traffic capacity.  There are also several policies which are ambiguous or difficult to enforce.


Mr. Taylor noted that the policy which regulates Planned Unit Developments is very restrictive and can actually work against the flexibility that such a development requires.  Mr. Taylor recommends an alternative structure for such developments to allow for a negotiation process, especially since the city has the right to impose whatever standards it wants and maintains the right to reject any proposals for any reason.  Agency Members noted they would like to consider an updated ordinance for Planned Unit Developments. 


At the next meeting, the Agency will review the various state rule requirements for comprehensive planning and recommendations for coming into compliance.



Clerk Anderson reported that the Historic Design Review Board is meeting on April 10th. 


There being no further business before the Agency, the meeting was adjourned. 


                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,




                                                                                    Emily Anderson



These proceedings were mechanically recorded.  See Tape No. 2008-04 (2 tapes)